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  1. Decentraland enables in-system operations using a local token. This local token is symbolized as MANA.
  2. Included in the ERC20 token system, MANA is used to purchase LAND in-game.
  3. In order to purchase a LAND within the system, it is necessary to spend exactly 1000 MANA. Each time a LAND is purchased, the system automatically destroys the owned MANA.
  4. This algorithm, which was established for entertainment purposes, has a total of 3 layers. These layers can be sorted as follows: Consensus layer, Land content layer, Real-time layer.
  5. They are known by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano as administrators of the Decentraland system.
  6. The mana system was created with the ERC20 Token algorithm. Therefore, there are numerous wallet platforms that can be used as Decentraland Wallets.
  7. Mana can be purchased using Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you're wondering how to buy Decentraland, we recommend you to visit the popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Huobi and Binance are popular platforms to buy for MANA.
  8. The system is a virtual reality platform, unlike all other cryptosystems.


How would you like to meet a new cryptocurrency that was released in 2017? As it is known, many cryptocurrencies are produced and traded to meet the needs of the gaming world. Decentraland is one of the platforms produced for use in the game world. Decentraland is a platform that allows you to play various games in a three-dimensional world. While playing the game, you can own various digital securities within the game. These digital properties are called LAND. Having LAND means having an area where you can do whatever you want in the game. Read more in order to get more detailed answers to what is Decentraland.